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Monday, 26 October 2015


Today I would liklike share a story that would illustrate the beauty that is locked up in a seemingly ugly figure or situation. Wherever you are waking up from: a cramped apartment somewhere in America, a disco hall in Africa, an subway somewhere in Europe, a cotton field in Asia. As you rub off your sleepy eye to tackle this new week squarely do me a favor to stop by this post, read it and share or talk about it.
On today; the first episode of #WAKE UP FLAWLESS, I think this story we are about to tell will keep you in a positive frame of mind throughout the week. Now, push aside your bedraggled sheets and read:
A rich man somewhere, many years ago when kittens never meowed. He was having the royal garden in his castle trimmed to look more beautiful. Apart from this, this rich man wanted to get rid of an old, ugly tree stump right in front of his porch. That ugly mass of wood always spoilt the day of this jolly good bourgeois, I mean being the first thing he sees every morning.
A wood carver who coincidentally passed by the rich man's gate begged to take the tree stump. "Take it, it's not worth a penny!" The rich man must have blurted out. Back home this skillful wood carver worked on the old tree stump all night. The next morning he lay on the floor of his studio wasted, tired, and famished. But as the sun rays caught the brilliant ages of the window panes, it was not the old tree stump that lay on the floor but a beautiful sculptured bird.  To cut this short story shorter, the wood carver sold his irresistible masterpiece to the same rich man. The rich man obviously obsessed with the beauty of art was willing to part with half of his fortune for the sculpted bird!
A brand new working weeks. What ideas are you afraid of dreaming because you feel that they are unacceptable? What aspirations have you stifled? Have you given up on yourself? Have you being reduced to that tree stump? Wake up! Mould, refine and nurture yourself to the apogee that even life would be willing to part with all its fortune. Remember as they say no dream is too big and no dreamer too small!
Join us tomorrow same time for #WAKE UP FLAWLESS
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