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Saturday, 31 October 2015


Wake up! Saturday morning! How did you spend your Friday night. I woke up pretty late, all thanks to insomnia caused by watching movies. Here is Saturday with its loads and loads if cooking, cleaning, mowing, scrubbing, work, work, work.
I had to sneak away from my unending chores to host my blog cast, don't tell my mother otherwise I'll be done for; not that she would whoop my ass. Well today on the blog cast we are going to talk about the punctuation mark called semicolon (;). I would go beyond the grammatical relevance of the semicolon, so for you not to be bored I am not giving a grammatical lecture. Our prime focus would be on the life relevance of the punctuation mark; that is how we can achieve a #Flawless life through it. Now someone might ask again, what is the relevance of a semicolon to the blog cast for today; My life is not over yet;? (Jeez there is so much punctuation marks muddled up).
Recall that Writing 101 taught us that a semicolon is used when the writer is not willing or sure to end a sentence. Now we can get the picture of the inevitable relevance of the semicolon when we are writing the story of our lives. This shows that despite all odds we are set and inspired to never be chocked by the the thorns of life, to continue after various challenges or after we notice a clog in the wheel.
The semicolon campaign is gradually gaining grounds over the world. I am loving it and it is my wish to indulge us. It started by a girl who had had her fair share of life's trashy trash; death, hopes dashed, drowned dreams, twisted expectations. Taking a bold step she tattooed an almost invisible but powerful semicolon on herself to tell life in its proud face; "Do your worst! My story is not over yet!". Today, I want each of us to join the semicolon campaign. Not necessarily by putting on semicolon tattoos but by having a firm heart and determined spirit and saying aloud to ourselves that; "my story is not over yet."
Word of advice; add the semicolons to your abandoned hopes, to your once unrealistic expectations, to your seemingly megalomaniac aspirations, to your stalled dreams. You have to do this because you are the graphic designer of your life and its sole navigator. Wake up and continue you life's story.
Join us tomorrow, same time.
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