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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Jewel of Africa: 55 years down the Lane!

Yes! Our dear Country, Nigeria, clocks 55 years...Can you believe it? 55 years of Independence!!! We have indeed come a long way and here we are on this day...Celebrating! Making merry! So i decided to do a little something for Our Country as part of marking the historical occasion...

A land endowed with a multitude of Human and Natural treasures;
Blessed by God at creation beyond all imaginable measures.

Its an epitome of God's creative and artistic prowess;
But is also a characteristic example of the mix between the faithful and the lawless.

In times of of peace, it resounds with a rhythmic melody;
But sadly, in periods of strife its environment becomes bloody.
But yet, its trumpet stills blows loudly;
Because among other nations, its stands proudly.
It is indeed a land enriched with an awe-inspiring cultural heritage;
One which will enjoy the envy of nations from age to age. O God! Bless our FatherLand,
for we have attained an age so Grand.
Yes! We still bask in the euphoria and glory,
I believe we will all live to tell the story!

Long Live Nigeria!!!

God bless Nigeria!!!
Happy Independence Day!!!

I_am_Mario _Cruzo✌
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