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Tuesday, 8 September 2015


It rained  cats and dogs last night, the rain just kept coming as though the Earth was crying out for more water to drink. Those type of rains that made mischievous teens post 'weather for two' on Facebook. It was on the verge of becoming a storm. The thunder hurled at my window and rattled our old zinc. I held fast to my blanket to keep warm.
But this Morning, there is so much calm, a calm so deafening that made me wonder if it rained at all last night. Needless to say that it is always after a storm comes that peace and calm quietly sets in. As I stepped out of the door this morning, the cool and clear atmosphere caressed my face. I deeply inhaled the fresh savor of the morning air which journeyed down  my lungs so  gracefully and I exhaled thankfully.
My heart is filled with gratitude to God for another wonderful day. I look around and see Nature still drowsy with sleep on its eyelids. The trees show evident signs of life, as a gentle morning breeze flows by and the tree leaves rustle in rhythm with its passage. 
Quietly, Nature starts to awaken from its slumber, after such a Cold night.. A bird calls excitedly from a far away tree and another one of his species (probably a close colleague) replies from another tree not so far away from from where I stood and flies off to see what the matter was..I wondered what they were talking about. What ever it was, it must have been important, for they seemed excited...Now a group of ants appear, as if out of nowhere, to begin the day's hustle...You needed to have seen them...You see, ants have always fascinated me with their high level of hard work, organization and Civilization.. Perhaps they are the most civilized of Little creatures...And so they march off in a single file determined to make good use of their day...As I look more, a tree squirrel runs up a palm tree, eyes its yet unripe fruits hungrily and scurries along disappointedly...At long last, the Sun too decides to finally rise from its bed. I guess it must have also had a cold night like I did...Its yawns hungrily and then Smiles happily, spreading it's light rays all around. Slowly, Nature fully awakens and goes about its business...A kite hovers around in the sky scanning the horizon for breakfast with its pin-point accuracy eyesight.
This looks like any other beautiful morning with the crickets chirping excitedly and talking about some important matter...Indeed, this morning is so serene and peaceful! What other place can this peace be experienced than in the Village..Yes! Am at my lovely Village in Imo state....#NoPlaceLikeHome #ASweetMorningInSeptember... I_am_Mario_Cruzo✌....

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