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Saturday, 5 September 2015


          I have a funny and jovial lecturer in school. A jolly good fellow and an academic doctor. I remember missing a deadline for a group assignment submission. I was a freshman then and was scared when I walked into that office. I managed to cough out and said; "Sir there is a problem." Hilariously he replied; "the problem with you is that you have a problem." That got me thinking. Prior to this, I had practiced how I would tell him how my group members were not helpful in the assignment process but those words of his made me feel the dignity of accepting my own problems, taking into consideration that I caused them myself and not my group members or the weather.
         The analogy above does not illustrate that I submit assignments late but that just like the most of us, we find a way of tracing back our problems and translating them into other people's fault. We fail to get a job and you blame it on how harsh the interviewer was, you fail a course because you did not work hard enough to pass yet you mount trailer load of curses on the lecturer, you stuff yourself with high calories yet when diabetes and high cholesterol level comes knocking on your door you blame the so called wicked witch from your village, you cannot get a good husband because of your bad character still you do not miss series of prayers to break the wicked forces of the enemy. What is the problem with all of us? Face the cold fact and swallow the bitter truth; look closely and find out that most a times we are the architect of our own problems.
          Wait, think and think again. Before you start blaming a herald of enemies for your troubles, have you talked to the man in the mirror? The first step is to quit portraying the man in the mirror as a saint and extricating him from all the blames. Its quite unfair! I know its hard, yes its quite hard to take full responsibility of your problems. Now if you continue blaming others for your problems, they would still be minding their business leaving you stalked with your problems because it does not affect them, its your life not theirs. If you continue blaming people for messing up your life, you would succeed in not going anywhere. Try channeling the energy that you expend on placing blames to solving the problems you are facing.
       Someone might want to ask; why do we have to relieve all blames from the third party? Well its simple, my group members made me not to submit my assignment so I continue to blame them instead of doing my assignment; I end up getting a zero in Continuous Assessment. He hurt you badly and you can't move on, you are still gloating over this while he is married with gorgeous kids. My best friend turned against me; really, he is living his life without a flinch of doubt. The point is, cross analyzing matters is not the way forward ( at least for being Flawless). Admit it and whisper to the man in the mirror; "your problem is that you have a problem. Sure as hell, we are going to fix it!" Just like my friend would say; "leave matter for Mattias!"
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