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Tuesday, 8 September 2015


That Lonely Moment

The rain is pattering on the roof. The weather is a bit chilly. I'm indoors of course, but I'm alone in the house. NEPA,PHCN,EEDC, whatever their name be, is at it as usual so the house isn't lighted. What then would you call it; a lonely moment of course! 
At a time like this sometime in the past, I would be found cringing at a corner, with round fearful eyes attentive to even the slightest drop of a pin, dreading the eerie silence amidst the noise of the raindrops. Fearful images from movies and cartoons chose then to pop up and hunt me even as my thoughts and imaginations ran haywire. Then the knock on the gate signaling the return of the rest of the family became prized.
A lot has changed now however; the mind has matured a lot. So instead of pining away in a corner, I choose to have a time out with myself. This time out with myself set me on a path of self rediscovery and reevaluation. I begin with the fundamental question;  Who am I? Yes, you read it correctly, though it sounds absurd. It's ironical that I call absurd, what is fundamental. One at times can get flustered by surrounding events and activities that his self consciousness and goals begin to slip away without him knowing. You'll then end up with one who's existing but not living.  This question hardly rises in people, but then ask first how many have time for their own lonely moments which bring up such questions! Many try to evade it by opting for their gadgets, earpieces and so on to continually generate noise. This of course kicks the lonely moment aside. I am guilty of that at times no doubt. Well, this time, former Power Holding Company held the power tightly ensuring I had a dead battery. 
All I'm trying to say is that this lonely moment has helped me put my act together and remember my redefined goals and dreams which as I found out, I was beginning to loose through negligence without even knowing it! Man know thyself. That's a quote I'm familiar with; I don't know if you are but you should. It's only when I know who I am well that I'll be able to know why I am living in the first place and what I am to do with my life. A philosopher has once intoned that the two most important days of our lives are the day we graced Mother Earth and the day we realize why. This is something having a lonely moment can do for one. Now I can continue living gracefully and in pursuit of my dreams having come to be replenished at the altar of solitude and my lonely moment.
Ahhh, is that someone knocking at the gate? Oh yes it! It has stopped raining! My ink has stopped flowing, my time out with myself is over; that lonely moment is gone till next we meet. Now it's time to look alive!
Emejulu Chukwumaeziokwu.
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