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Friday, 18 September 2015


       Ernest really disagrees with me in many ways, especially about hair, ideology and most importantly about Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Lol, you would enjoy this post of his.
In my first year in the university, I carried an unrelaxed, ungelled kinky afro to school. The hair was jet black and massively full on my already big head. A choice I expected everyone to appreciate. But they were problems. And when my hair problems came, it did not come because my head is big, no. It did not come because I was a guy carrying big hair, of course they were many other guys carrying big hair too. But to 'stand out', in the quest of driving my points home, I refused to either relax my hair or gel it with products I could not pronounce the names of the chemicals written on it with which they were made. I only used oil and hair cream to 'anoint' it and 'enrich' it and I hadn't even read 'Americannah' then.
Most times, we decide to be comedians on reality just so we can 'stand out'. And it sounds good because America supports it; 'be yourself' you know. But the question really is, Are we really being ourselves at those moments or are we being what we believe people, the society expects us to be. We call it "Originality", "individuality", "authenticity". It is not as if am against these things but Shakespeare said "all life is a stage." And the character William Schuster in the favourably reviewed musical glee referred to it as 'art' when he said, "the purpose of art is pushing boundaries." But unfortunately he goes on later and says "but when just pushing boundaries is their only aim, the result becomes bad art."
Reality has taught me in my still short life that I don't have to walk the streets of West Africa on stark nothingness just for the babes to feel and see my sex appeal! It has taught me that in suggesting or partaking in jungle justice (a situation where one who is accused of a crime, say stealing is gruesomly mobbed or burnt alive in public without trial.) I do not really single myself out as one who hates thiefry. Neither do chauvinism or feminism isolate me as one who respects the male or female sex as the case may concern. That was the same thing the great inventor George Washington Carver saw when over a century ago he said out of a probable knowing that "when you can do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world."
We have been advised not to make decisions when we are too angry or promises when we are too happy but on a daily basis, my kins in different crannies of the world, pierce their bodies, draw an ogreish tattoo, wear a disturbingly ragged and rugged afro hair (or any other hair), wear too many or too few clothes just because they need a 'singling out', all the while forgetting that when you can do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world. And stopping the eyes from seeing the real beauty which is you, which is me.
Life is too hard when we struggle for individualism. An African music star I impoverishingly respect, 2face Idibia in his song 'just me' said "individuality can not make us tall" and I agree with him in this, just as I agree with him in many other things (family size inclusive). And I state again, life is too short to live it out struggling to stand out.
While my hair lasted, among the whole students and lecturers I met on campus, only one saw the point when she said "you look like a writer." From others (those that ever talked about it), I heard the name "prof!" A name I later found out was a mock title from many.
At the days end, when the water I poured on my head as I took my bath reached my scalp immediately it was poured, when many people could no more recognize me because of the deforestation I had embarked on, when I stopped knowing different throes and fits of pain as I tried to comb a hair that would never stay combed, when my disturbing, ragged and rugged hair gave room to decency. When I finally had a haircut, a very fine haircut, I found out that I did not become a worse-off writer. I also found out that the decision to carry an unrelaxed African hair, not to follow popular culture on hair affairs, not to look young and cute for them sisis just to prove that I could write was a sin against me. I found out that what makes me write good is within and not without. And with that finding, came upon me, a sort of loving for me. Now I know just how to stay flawless.

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Ps. Am not saying jump onto the bandwagon, am only saying, its the computer age people and I'd rather be in the bandwagon, have a kind knowledge of my destination and alight early so than avoid the bandwagon sweat a trek and come late and dusty.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


That Lonely Moment

The rain is pattering on the roof. The weather is a bit chilly. I'm indoors of course, but I'm alone in the house. NEPA,PHCN,EEDC, whatever their name be, is at it as usual so the house isn't lighted. What then would you call it; a lonely moment of course! 
At a time like this sometime in the past, I would be found cringing at a corner, with round fearful eyes attentive to even the slightest drop of a pin, dreading the eerie silence amidst the noise of the raindrops. Fearful images from movies and cartoons chose then to pop up and hunt me even as my thoughts and imaginations ran haywire. Then the knock on the gate signaling the return of the rest of the family became prized.
A lot has changed now however; the mind has matured a lot. So instead of pining away in a corner, I choose to have a time out with myself. This time out with myself set me on a path of self rediscovery and reevaluation. I begin with the fundamental question;  Who am I? Yes, you read it correctly, though it sounds absurd. It's ironical that I call absurd, what is fundamental. One at times can get flustered by surrounding events and activities that his self consciousness and goals begin to slip away without him knowing. You'll then end up with one who's existing but not living.  This question hardly rises in people, but then ask first how many have time for their own lonely moments which bring up such questions! Many try to evade it by opting for their gadgets, earpieces and so on to continually generate noise. This of course kicks the lonely moment aside. I am guilty of that at times no doubt. Well, this time, former Power Holding Company held the power tightly ensuring I had a dead battery. 
All I'm trying to say is that this lonely moment has helped me put my act together and remember my redefined goals and dreams which as I found out, I was beginning to loose through negligence without even knowing it! Man know thyself. That's a quote I'm familiar with; I don't know if you are but you should. It's only when I know who I am well that I'll be able to know why I am living in the first place and what I am to do with my life. A philosopher has once intoned that the two most important days of our lives are the day we graced Mother Earth and the day we realize why. This is something having a lonely moment can do for one. Now I can continue living gracefully and in pursuit of my dreams having come to be replenished at the altar of solitude and my lonely moment.
Ahhh, is that someone knocking at the gate? Oh yes it! It has stopped raining! My ink has stopped flowing, my time out with myself is over; that lonely moment is gone till next we meet. Now it's time to look alive!
Emejulu Chukwumaeziokwu.


It rained  cats and dogs last night, the rain just kept coming as though the Earth was crying out for more water to drink. Those type of rains that made mischievous teens post 'weather for two' on Facebook. It was on the verge of becoming a storm. The thunder hurled at my window and rattled our old zinc. I held fast to my blanket to keep warm.
But this Morning, there is so much calm, a calm so deafening that made me wonder if it rained at all last night. Needless to say that it is always after a storm comes that peace and calm quietly sets in. As I stepped out of the door this morning, the cool and clear atmosphere caressed my face. I deeply inhaled the fresh savor of the morning air which journeyed down  my lungs so  gracefully and I exhaled thankfully.
My heart is filled with gratitude to God for another wonderful day. I look around and see Nature still drowsy with sleep on its eyelids. The trees show evident signs of life, as a gentle morning breeze flows by and the tree leaves rustle in rhythm with its passage. 
Quietly, Nature starts to awaken from its slumber, after such a Cold night.. A bird calls excitedly from a far away tree and another one of his species (probably a close colleague) replies from another tree not so far away from from where I stood and flies off to see what the matter was..I wondered what they were talking about. What ever it was, it must have been important, for they seemed excited...Now a group of ants appear, as if out of nowhere, to begin the day's hustle...You needed to have seen them...You see, ants have always fascinated me with their high level of hard work, organization and Civilization.. Perhaps they are the most civilized of Little creatures...And so they march off in a single file determined to make good use of their day...As I look more, a tree squirrel runs up a palm tree, eyes its yet unripe fruits hungrily and scurries along disappointedly...At long last, the Sun too decides to finally rise from its bed. I guess it must have also had a cold night like I did...Its yawns hungrily and then Smiles happily, spreading it's light rays all around. Slowly, Nature fully awakens and goes about its business...A kite hovers around in the sky scanning the horizon for breakfast with its pin-point accuracy eyesight.
This looks like any other beautiful morning with the crickets chirping excitedly and talking about some important matter...Indeed, this morning is so serene and peaceful! What other place can this peace be experienced than in the Village..Yes! Am at my lovely Village in Imo state....#NoPlaceLikeHome #ASweetMorningInSeptember... I_am_Mario_Cruzo✌....

Saturday, 5 September 2015


          I have a funny and jovial lecturer in school. A jolly good fellow and an academic doctor. I remember missing a deadline for a group assignment submission. I was a freshman then and was scared when I walked into that office. I managed to cough out and said; "Sir there is a problem." Hilariously he replied; "the problem with you is that you have a problem." That got me thinking. Prior to this, I had practiced how I would tell him how my group members were not helpful in the assignment process but those words of his made me feel the dignity of accepting my own problems, taking into consideration that I caused them myself and not my group members or the weather.
         The analogy above does not illustrate that I submit assignments late but that just like the most of us, we find a way of tracing back our problems and translating them into other people's fault. We fail to get a job and you blame it on how harsh the interviewer was, you fail a course because you did not work hard enough to pass yet you mount trailer load of curses on the lecturer, you stuff yourself with high calories yet when diabetes and high cholesterol level comes knocking on your door you blame the so called wicked witch from your village, you cannot get a good husband because of your bad character still you do not miss series of prayers to break the wicked forces of the enemy. What is the problem with all of us? Face the cold fact and swallow the bitter truth; look closely and find out that most a times we are the architect of our own problems.
          Wait, think and think again. Before you start blaming a herald of enemies for your troubles, have you talked to the man in the mirror? The first step is to quit portraying the man in the mirror as a saint and extricating him from all the blames. Its quite unfair! I know its hard, yes its quite hard to take full responsibility of your problems. Now if you continue blaming others for your problems, they would still be minding their business leaving you stalked with your problems because it does not affect them, its your life not theirs. If you continue blaming people for messing up your life, you would succeed in not going anywhere. Try channeling the energy that you expend on placing blames to solving the problems you are facing.
       Someone might want to ask; why do we have to relieve all blames from the third party? Well its simple, my group members made me not to submit my assignment so I continue to blame them instead of doing my assignment; I end up getting a zero in Continuous Assessment. He hurt you badly and you can't move on, you are still gloating over this while he is married with gorgeous kids. My best friend turned against me; really, he is living his life without a flinch of doubt. The point is, cross analyzing matters is not the way forward ( at least for being Flawless). Admit it and whisper to the man in the mirror; "your problem is that you have a problem. Sure as hell, we are going to fix it!" Just like my friend would say; "leave matter for Mattias!"
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