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Sunday, 23 August 2015


Are you from anywhere in the Sub- Saharan Africa and you graduated from secondary school, then you must have come across this name: Ciroma Chukwuma Adekunle on your Secondary School Certificate Examination paper. The name is always written with a thick shade as a model of how the examination candidate. The problem was that many students spend hours trying to fathom who was this mystical being, who had this name!!!
I, for one, wanted desperately to know who had that name. I asked my parents, teachers, relations, classmates and what have you. I received various answers. A particular wiseacre of a classmate told me that this mystical name belonged to a man who has the highest grades and scores ever in the history of the Regional examination! I almost believed it, in fact it became like a compulsory prayer to score have the highest scores in that exams. Heave knows that Ciroma of a guy must be a genius!
Well, this misconception continued until I stumbled into the truth one day. Yup, that day I was just lying down on the bed with nothing to do. My window was opened and the air of wisdom was flowing in. Eureka! I have found it! I have finally unravelled the mystery behind the equally mysterious name: Ciroma Chukwuma Adekunle. The answer was below my nose all these years. The name was a blend of three native names from three different parts of Nigeria. Ciroma came from somewhere in northern Nigeria, Chukwuma has an Igbo origin and Adekunle was a Yoruba name. Seriously! I had lived in the misconception of the truth for long. That moment that you learn the right thing.
Now was the moral behind the story? Emmm... guess I cannot say. No, I've got one: do not go around questioning what you can think out on your own. That might sound dumb but I don't care. My greatest happiness is that the mystery behind Ciroma Chukwuma Adekunle has been solved!
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Thursday, 13 August 2015


               The exotic Lupita Nyog'o, one of the few Africans that have walked on the stage of the Samuel Goldwyn Theater to collect an Oscar award, said something and I quote: "We all have a spark of madness." We might assume that the Kenyan actress was in one of those 'moments', having just received an Oscar for the best actress in a supporting role, but she was not. She meant every word of it. That got me thinking, what really is the little spark of madness we all have? Was she implying that we are all insane.
 Now let us  take a cue from the world of science. We all belong to a set of rational beings called homo sapiens, to that effect, we can see ourselves as thinking men. We are confined, as always, to this straight, rational and realistic way of thoughts and actions. Our little spark of madness comes when we start thinking way outside the box, when we deviate from the normal. This in turn accentuates our uniqueness, highlights our individuality, makes us stand out and picks us out of the band wagon of Everybody does it.
After all this, what then is my spark of  madness. I decided that if a little spark of madness could fetch Lupita an Oscar, I would need fifty shades more. Is it my writing? My speech? What is my spark of madness? I soon got tired and bored of finding it.
            Then this morning, as I woke up flawless, I had some revealed knowledge of my little spark of madness. It was staring me in the face and I could not even notice it. I was the spark of madness, my whole self and my personality. My constant for individuality or doing things differently from what everybody does. Trust me it made people feel exasperated and might earn me a Highly opinionated Person. Truly we all have a spark of madness, what is yours? Delve and dig deep into yourself and find it. That is what keeps you going. If I can find mine you can, O Yes you can.


Sunday, 9 August 2015


Some evenings ago, I was dust my father's old books and stumbled upon a collection of poems. Bored and with nothing else to do, I dove into the vast world of rhymes and rhythms. One particular poem caught my attention, it was a poem that told the story of a hen and a carp ( a certain kind of fish). The hen, after laying an egg shouted her thanks from the rooftops to Progeny for making her a worthy hen. In the nearby pond, the carp scorned the ecstatic hen. Mrs. Carp, having laid thousands of egg, felt it was too stupid for Mrs. Hen to disturb the whole neighborhood  because she laid an egg. According to Mrs. Carp, it would be an unimaginable hullabaloo if she screamed her thanks to Monsieur Progeny for every egg she laid.
Now, when we move from this nicely crafted literary intentions of the poet, we find ourselves stuck with one word which is; value. The Oxfords dictionary defines value as the degree of importance given to something. The biologist would say that we have different genetic and physical makeup and this justifies why individual conception of value is subjective.
Value systems and clarifications is a social issue that goes beyond FlawlessBlog™. We sometimes wonder why we struggle to get a good job, build a house, get married or pursue an academic ambition while Ciroma Chukwuma Adekunle is just contented with having his name on every WAEC examination paper.
The field of morals and ethics is gaining grounds. It tries to explain to us, to a large extent, why some values are worth keeping and others are not. Hey! No matter what these moralists propose, prescribe, argue and concur, the truth is that values are purely on personal convictions.
Is it art? Is it music? Is it food? Whatever it is, trust your own judgment and don't mind what all the Mrs. Carp would say. Yes the society, they would care. Our unique values are the luster or sheen that makes us glitter away in the society. Remember that if you don't stand for anything, you would fall for everything. The society might wag their tongues, but who cares? After all, the mouth is meant to perform two functions; talking and eating. Keep up to those values as long as the remain valuable to your life.